Well done to our Senedd Candidate - a clear swing to Labour.

Catrin Maby is a lifelong environmental campaigner and our candidate in the Welsh Senedd elections,  scheduled to be held this May.

Catrin is a specialist in energy efficiency. "I'm delighted to have been chosen", she says. "For too long the people of Monmouthshire have been represented in the Senedd by someone who makes little impact and has the wrong priorities. I will take local concerns and interests to the Welsh Government in a constructive way, following through on promises to deliver real and lasting change."

Ms Maby offers a depth of knowledge and experience of the area and its issues. She trained initially as an engineer in industry, but a growing realisation about energy poverty and climate change encouraged her to shift her focus to sustainable energy. She set up an energy advice service for tenant organisations, working with citizens’ advice and law centres, and later established a successful sustainable energy charity, working across Wales and in Gloucestershire.

She went on to focus on sustainable energy policy in the UK and Europe, gaining a PhD in the process.
 "I am struck by how the issues that I have worked on all these years are now central to the well-being of future generations: climate change and genuinely affordable, low-carbon and good quality housing – with no-one left out in the cold.

"Now I am deeply disturbed to see the increase in inequality during the pandemic - and the past two decades of Tory rule. I will always fight for social justice and equality. We live in challenging and sometimes frightening times. People need to feel safe. They need to be able to trust those in power. I am committed to the highest standards of integrity and transparency in public life."

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All across Monmouthshire, Labour members are helping local neighbours and charities, supporting their communities and each other during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 


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