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Summer away day event

Women's Forum Summer awaydayAt a recent meeting of the Monmouthshire Labour Women’s Forum, participants discussed how to ensure that more Labour women get elected to local and national government seats.

On their summer awayday at Bridges Community Centre, Monmouth, members of the Labour Women’s forum discussed a variety of issues on the theme of maximising their contribution to their communities and their party.

The meeting started with a presentation from Harriet Protheroe-Davis of Hope not Hate who led a workshop session on ways of overcoming intolerance and prejudice. She said: “Don’t square up to people who express narrow-minded or bigoted opinions. It’s far better to try to influence them by building a human connections. It can be quite powerful to simply ask questions and listen.”

Later in the day, group members discussed ways of building their confidence and how to maximise their contribution to their communities, both in public office, and in the Labour movement. Amanda Peters said “Tough decisions about vital local public services are all too often made by a group of people who bear little resemblance those who receive those services. Now is the time for women to step up: your communities need you!”

The meeting concluded with group exercises identifying the next steps in building women’s capacity to take lead roles in the Labour party and how to pool their ideas and talents. They gathered their thoughts under the headings of knowledge, confidence, skills and networks.

At the end of the event, Women’s Officer Penny Simcock said: “Everyone agreed that today is the start of an exciting new era in women’s involvement in local politics. There will be more events like this and I encourage all women to join up and join in.”

Setting up Monmouth CLP’s Women’s Forum

Penny SimcockIn May 2016 I took over as Monmouth CLP Women’s Officer from Christine Walby. We owe a debt of thanks to Christine whose valuable work in the CLP over many years is much appreciated.

ByC Women's ForumOn 15 December 2016, I presented our Draft Terms of Reference and 2017 Action Plan for the Monmouth CPL Women’s Forum to Monmouth CLP’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee strongly support the purpose of Labour Women’s Forums, endorsed the Terms of Reference and Action Plan and awarded a generous start up grant to the new Monmouth CLP Women’s Forum.

Getting involved

In the last few months Monmouth CLP women members have identified many ways in which to assist women in the community and to enable Labour women to become more involved. Here are some of the actions suggested:

Please contact Penny Simcock for information.

Penny Simcock
Women’s Officer

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