In Monmouth only a Labour vote can avoid car-crash Brexit

The chaos of Brexit (Monmouthshire voted remain) has been used as an excuse to force more cuts and austerity on the weakest in society. Leaving the EU is wrong but leaving the Single Market is absolute folly.

There is a straight choice in Monmouth on 8th June. More knee-jerk pronouncements from a Tory MP who will never leave the backbenches, or sensible and constructive dialogue from a Labour MP who will work for the whole community, not just the favoured few.

Vote Labour Get Labour

Reject all imitations – only Labour can beat the Tories in Monmouth.

Ruth Jones: delighted to be standing for Labour in Monmouth

Ruth JOnesThis election is about fairness not favours. I say this because Theresa May's Tories are back to being the nasty party.

  • They look after the favoured few and attack those who can't fight back.
  • They deliberately cut benefits for the frail and disabled while rewarding their banker friends with tax breaks when it was those same bankers who caused the longest recession since the war. That's nasty.
  • The Labour Party stands with the decent working people of this country. We want fairness not favours, a hand up not a hand out, and real jobs that pay a fair wage for a fair day's work.
  • We want a society where young people can aspire to their own home not spend their lives at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords.
  • We need a strong economy: one achieved by us all working hard and contributing our fair share in taxes. That's not achieved by tax evasion by the elite and zero hours' contracts for the poor. Labour will abolish zero hours contracts.
  • We need a fine education system: one that pushes all our children to achieve their maximum potential. That's not achieved by the reintroduction of grammar schools.
  • We need a world class NHS: one that is available for all of us when we need it. That's not achieved by privatising services or deliberately starving the NHS and social care of cash.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly in this election, we need a relationship with Europe. Hard Brexit is cutting off our nose to spite our face. We need the EU to trade with us. We need the free movement of workers in both directions, and we need to stop using Brexit as an excuse to cut, cut, cut. Wales has benefited enormously from EU funding and cannot rely on a London-based parliament to fill the gap.

Ruth signatureIn this constituency only voting Labour will challenge David Davies' Tories and their strange world view.

I am standing for fairness for the many not favours for the few. If you share this vision please vote Labour on 8th June.

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