Labour is already campaigning in Monmouth

At 11:06 on April 18th Teresa May broke her promise and called a General Election for 8thJune.

At 11:07 Monmouth Constituency Labour Party started their campaign to oust this unelected Prime Minister whom as gone back on her word to make Britain Better.

The chaos of Brexit (Monmouthshire voted remain) has been used as an excuse to force more cuts and austerity on the weakest in society. Leaving the EU is wrong but leaving the European Single Trade Agreement is absolute folly.

There are vitally important local elections in May where the supine Lib-Dem & nasty party Tories must be defeated.

Then there is a straight choice in Monmouth. More knee-jerk, pronouncements from a Tory MP who will never leave the back benches or sensible constructive dialogue from a Labour MP who will work for the whole community, not the favoured few.

Reject all imitations – Only Labour can beat the Tories in Monmouth.

Peter Marsh-Jenks – Campaign Manager.

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