Local Party calls for Labour to support Remain

An Emergency Motion passed by Monmouth Constituency Labour Party on 30 May demanded that the party should support a people’s vote, revoke article 50 and campaign for remaining in the EU.

The motion, passed by a large majority at the local party’s Annual General Meeting, (AGM) called on the party: “including the leader and the leader’s office to campaign actively and publicly for a confirmatory public vote and for remain”.

Constituency Chair Su McConnel said today: “I can hardly remember an issue facing us over which members feel more passionately. While there were arguments on both sides of the issues, the support for the motion was overwhelming.”

The local party points out that it: "does not support the status quo in Britain or Europe” calling instead for a policy of "remain and transform, in which a radical government would properly fund public services, expand common ownership abolish anti-union laws and engage in massive public investment".

“We want an international alliance of labour movements and left parties seeking as a minimum to push back the nationalist right, defend migrants, reverse austerity, level up rights and living standards and democratise European institutions,” the motion argued, signed by 18 party members.

The motion has been submitted to Welsh Labour and to the party and leader’s office nationally.

Monmouth CLP Officer Elections

At the AGM Su McConnel was returned unopposed as Constituency Party Chair.

Other officers, also returned unopposed were: Hugo Perks (Vice Chair), Adam Greenwood (Secretary), Hilary Beach (Treasurer), Peter Marsh-Jenks (Vice Chair, Membership) and Lyn Tanner (Women’s Officer).

Monmouth Constituency Labour Party has more than 800 members in six branches.

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